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Ferdinand Magellan

               The first explorer to lead an expedition around the world
He was born in 1480 in northern Portugal. His parents died when he was only 10. At the age of 12 he was appointed the queens messenger in the royal court. There, he was thought how to navigate ships.He became a soldier when he was 25 and served in India

He left on his first expedition in 1505 with Francisco d'Almeida.

In 1511, he went on an expedition to conquer Melaka

He planned his biggest expedition for about 8 years.

In September of 1519, his crew and his five ships left Seville.He sailed around the tip of South America. He found the westward passage and it was named the Strait of Magellan in his name. He also found the new ocean and named it the Pacific in honour of its calm and peaceful waters, and crossed it East to West. In 1521,They stopped in the Phillipines and that's where he was killed by the natives So he wasn't alive to complete the trip, but he is still considered to be the first person to travel around the whole world. After he died his crew finished the expedition with only 10 men left at the end.

Magellan gave the first proof that the world is round 



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