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Ponce de Leon

Francisco Pizarro

Conquered the Inca Empire


the Inca population lived in the part of South America extending from the Equator to the Pacific coast of Chile. They lived Between 1200 and 1535. The beginning of the Inca rule started with the conquest of the Moche Culture in Peru. The Inca were warriors with a strong and powerful army. Because of the fierceness of their army and their hierarchical organization, they became the largest Native American society. The height of their reign in the 15th century came to a brutal end in 1535 when the Spanish conquistadors took over their territory.



Francisco Pizarro was born in Spain around the year 1471. He was an illigitamate child of Gonzalo Pizarro and Francisca González. He was there with Balboa when he set out to the Pacific ocean.
In 1524 he set out from Panama on his first expedition with one hundred and fourteen volunteers and four horses. He only made it to  Chicamá.
He left out on an expedition again under Spain and reached Tumbes in 1532. In Tumbes he was awaited by Atahualpa(emperor of the Incas). Atahualpa showed friendship thinking the spanish were no threat. Pizarro seized him and threatened him. Pizarro took the ransom and executed Atahualpa and that was the end of the incan empire.The conquest of Peru was virtually completed by the capture of Cuzco(a city). After he took over Cuzco he founded Lima where he was killed in 1541.