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Juan Ponce de Leon

Ponce de Leon


Ponce de leon was born in Spain, in 1460. When he was a teenager he joined the Spanish forces and defeated the moors. 
He sailed with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493, but he didn't come back to Spain, he stayed in Santo Domingo . He heard that there was gold in another place called Borinquen. He took over the island. He sailed from Boninquen on March 3, 1513, with three ships  and about 200 men. He was headed for  the island of Bimini to look for riches and the fountain of youth. He reached the east coast of Florida in 1513 and claimed it for Spain. He decided to go south all the way to Cuba but he didn't find anything. He went back to Spain.


He shipped out from Spain again in 1521 searching for Bimini and the fountain of youth. He sailed with 200 men and landed on the west coast of Florida. This time he was attacked by natives who wounded him. he later died that same year in Cuba.